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Kaeng Hung-lay Kai or pork curry
Main Ingredient
Lean pork 1 Kg.
Pork belly 500 g.
Curry powder 15 g.
Minced ginger 40 g.
Garlic 65 g.
Ripe tamarind juice 40 g.
Dark soy sauce 15 g.
Water 1 litre
Chilli paste Ingredient
Dried chillies 5
Chopped galangal 7 g.
Chopped lemon grass 8 g.
Garlic 8 g.
Shallot 16 g.
Shrimp paste 5 g.
Salt 5 g.
* 30 grams = 1oz. , 1kilogram = 2.24 lbs.
Cooking Method
Chilli paste cooking
  • Pound all the mixture until ground
  • Cut the pork into a bite piece and mix with dark soy sauce
  • Mix the pork with the chilli paste and leave an hour
  • Fry the pork with low heat, add water and simmer until tender
  • Add minced ginger, garlic, curry powder, simmer, seasoning with tamarind juice and salt
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